10.29.19 - We are awaiting our remaining stock to return from our vendor at King Richard's Faire and will be putting it all back online as soon as possible! We've definitely got more great knives and tools in the works to be posted shortly as well! Thank you again to everyone who made this a great season and we look forward to being back in New England for another 8 week run in 2020! In the meantime, we realize the Christmas season is just a matter of days away and we have our GIFT CERTIFICATES online and ready to go! While we don't have a specific Gift Certificate for our Pattern Welding or Tomahawk Classes just yet, feel free to CONTACT US and we'll be happy to accommodate as we can! T-Shirt's will also be coming back online in just a matter of days and much, much more!

10.28.19 - Added new dates to our class calendars for our Single Day, Weekend, Tomahawk and Pattern Welding classes! We also added a fresh registration page for our Weekend Knife Class for 2020 that can be found at http://knifeclass20.eventzilla.net

9.5.19 - Added a new Gallery to the website!

8.29.19 - Once again this year we are pleased to announce that our knives and other works can be found at MIDGARD ARMOURY at KING RICHARDS FAIRE in Carver Massachusetts! Jamie and his crew have moved into a new permanent booth and you can visit them starting Labor Day weekend through October 20th!

8.19.19 - We will be at the C&E Gun Show at the Harrisburg Farm Show on December 14 and 15th! For more information visit https://www.cegunshows.com/harrisburg--pa.html

8.14.19 - As of October 1st 2019, the cost of our weekend class will increase by 8.4% - This is the first price increase we've done in about 5 years so it's a little over due. That being said, until that date our Weekend Knife Class bookings and gift certificates will REMAIN at the current price and will still be valid for the classes. In other words, we are raising the price, but we're also allowing you to either book now if you have a date that works or purchase a gift certificate for a later date at the current cost. Some people would consider this a deal. 

8.2.19 - We have added a Pattern Welding class option to our Weekend Knife Classes. This extends the class by an extra day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the Friday class we will make a bar of Damascus steel that will be used for both of your knives during the weekend class! http://damsteel.eventzilla.net

7.23.19 - We will be at the C&E Gun Show at the Harrisburg Farm Show on August 17 & 18th! Hope to see you there!

7.1.19 - We have added Thursday and Thursday/Friday dates to our One Day and Two Day Knife Classes to better accommodate peoples schedules.