Rut and River Pursuits Outdoor Knife Class

This is a weekend we've been waiting to put together with the crew of Rut and River Pursuits Podcast and it's finally here! Underhill Forge and R2 have teamed up to bring you a knife making class unlike any other. This is a two day class, limited to just 4 students. In this class you will be making knives geared towards your outdoor needs. During day 1 you will make two knives through stock removal, a boning/fillet knife and a skinning knife - learning about edge geometry, design, normalizing, hardening and tempering steel along the way. The third and final knife will be all hand forged - just fire, steel, hammer and anvil, as you will be challenged to forge out a hunting/camp knife and then utlize the skills you learned during the stock removal process to bring your last knife to life! On the second day we get down to the details. Finishing, polishing, fitting wood handles and more all the way through the final sharpening! During both days we'll have members of the R2 crew on hand and to top off this exclusive weekend we'll wrap up Sunday with a cookout with the boys, swapping stories about their experiences in the field, on the water, behind the mic and more - it's unscripted and with these guys that means it's just going to be a great time all weekend long! 

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