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Updated 11-2-2018
- Gift certificates for classes are available on jwsblades.com! You'll be able to purchase gift certificates and download a PDF to be printed out. In addition, we've added t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and hats for those who might be looking for a little extra! The holiday's are almost upon us and we're currently booking into April on our available classes.
Unfortunately we do not currently offer gift certificates for our tomahawk forging class which will only be offered on a limited schedule through April 2019. Generally, we book about 5 to 7 months in advance.

   Thank you for visiting Underhill Forge! Underhill Forge is a blacksmith shop located in Central Pennsylvania started in 2007 by blacksmith and bladesmith J W Stekervetz. We take pride in keeping old world traditions alive, not just in our work in agricultural ironwork on farms throughout our area, but also in teaching others the aspects of our craft - whether fixing a broken part of a tobacco wagon, making a tool for a one time job or teaching the finer points of metallurgy, we feel fortunate that we get to keep the craft alive and do our best to demonstrate true American craftsmanship through our work. Our shop is a member of the Artists Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA) and the Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Association (PABA). In addition to forging handmade tools and custom knives, we are well known throughout the community for offering classes in tool making and knife making geared towards both the beginner and practiced blacksmith alike. We hold classes year round as our schedules permit and even host classes during the week by special arrangement. The primary focus of our classes is not to teach artistic ability but to instill confidence and provide an understanding of the various techniques, methods, practices and science involved in creating great performing tools and knives as well as providing instruction and guidance on the use of everything from the professional quality machines to primitive hand tools utilized in their creation. Above, you'll find links to the following which includes our currently scheduled classes:

jwsblades.com - The primary site for bladesmith J W Stekervetz. A little of this, a little of that, as well as J's current knives available for sale. We are currently working on a new eCommerce site and while much of our stock is with retailers at the moment we're working hard to stock the new online store! Be sure to check it out!

tomahawk.eventzilla.net - Starting up again in December 2018, back by popular demand but limited in classes through April 2019! This is a one day tomahawk forging class where students will start with a single billet of steel, work in tandem to punch an eye, drift it to the proper shape for a hickory handle and then forge the blade of the tomahawk.

bladeclass.eventzilla.net - The booking site for our single day class. In this single day blacksmith knife class students will learn how to forge, heat treat, sharpen steel and work leather while making a knife commonly referred to as a Viking or Blacksmith's Knife and a custom sheath. While teaching metallurgy basics, we also stress the importance and show throughout the class how the techniques involved also apply to agricultural, structural and ornamental blacksmithing as well.

knifeclass.eventzilla.net - The booking site for our full knife making class. The full weekend class gives students the complete experience; making two knives through both stock removal and forging, heat treating, polishing, sharpening and creating unique wood handles all over the course of two days.

Underhill Forge is also proud to provide our staff and facilities to Project Tyr, a Pennsylvania non-profit organization dedicated to teaching blacksmithing, bladesmithing and other traditional metal crafts with a primary focus on our wounded US servicemen and women.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email at info@underhillforge.com

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